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As a successful speaker or coach you’ve worked hard to have it all.  You’ve got a solid list, your brand is growing, and your client base continues to explode. Best yet, you’re helping and inspiring people all over the world, a goal you’ve always envisioned.  Things are exactly where you want them to be.  There’s only one problem. It feels like you’re working all the time.  You aren’t enjoying your success, and can’t find time to grow your speaking business or coaching business more because you just can’t do it all. Plus:

  • Your to-do list keeps getting longer and the tasks you’re not crossing off are important, but they’re simply not getting done.
  • You have dozens of ideas for new products that will grow your business and bring in more passive revenue, but you have no time to bring them to fruition.
  • Those notes you keep adding to your marketing plan are brilliant, but you either have no idea how to implement them or you’re too swamped to get around to it.
  • You know InfusionSoft can be doing more for you than it is, but you have no time to learn more about it than the basics – if that much!

It’s frustrating because you know you’re spending valuable time doing things you can easily outsource. The problem is you aren’t sure how to do that. How can you find someone who can help you realize your dreams and keep you achieving all your goals?  How can you find someone who can take your ideas and make them happen?  How can you find someone who has the skills required to get done all that you need done (and more!)

That’s where we come in.  We are a team of Online Support Specialists here to transform your business.

Terry Green, CEO/President of BizEase Support SolutionsMy name is Terry Green and  I am the President of BizEase Support Solutions (a division of Fastype VA Services, Inc.).  My fabulous team of online support specialists and I work with speakers and coaches just like you – day in and day out.  Best yet, we only work with successful speakers and coaches who are serious about building their businesses. This allows us to know what you need to have done (often before you do).  We don’t require training and we don’t demand your valuable time.  This frees you up to do what you do best – grow your business.

When you choose BizEase for your online support solutions, you choose the best. See what some of our fabulous clients are saying about us.

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Jane Atkinson, Wealthy Speaker Coach

“If you’re going to hire a VA, you might as well hire the best! Terry Green knows her stuff when it comes to technology, is responsive and a terrific problem solver. I love having Terry (and her entire team) on my team.”

Jane Atkinson, Business Coach and Consultant for Professional Speakers, Celebrities and CEOs – Ontario, Canada |  http://www.speakerlauncher.com | http://www.wealthyspeakeru.com

We are experienced in the areas that specifically help professional speakers and coaches find support, increase their visibility, and grow their business, including:

Whatever your needs may be, we are here to help. We have helped countless entrepreneurs maximize their free time and profit potential, and we can do the same for you. We’re committed to getting you focused on the projects that yield the best ROI while we handle your daily operations and growing your business.

Let our 30 years of experience in providing support make the difference in your business.  BizEase Support Solutions (formerly Fastype) was established in 1991 and since, then we’ve been increasing our knowledge and growing our team.

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